Aluminium Brazing Filler Metals

Generally, brazing of the various aluminium alloys is restricted by the available filler alloys which are based on the binary system Al - Si. Alloys of type 2xxx and 7xxx are, therefore, not brazeable as their solidus/liquidus temperature are too low for the filler metals.

Product Code Standards Composition % Melting Range ºC
DIN 8513 EN 1044 AWS 5.10 Al Si Zn
1001 L-AlSi12 AL 104 ER 4047 Rest 12 - 575- 585
1005 L-AlSi5 AL 101 Rest 5 - 570—630
10002 2 - Rest 377-385
10004 4 - Rest 382-405
10015 15 - Rest 382-450
10022 22 - Rest 420-460
Sentes-BIR introduces new filler metal for brazing aluminium to aluminium and aluminium to copper with non-corros ive flux homogeniously mixed. No extra flux is required while brazing. Learn more 1001 COMP about flux and filler metal composite brazing rods and rings.

Aluminium Brazing of Heat Exchanger, Evaporators and Condensor Coils

Joining aluminium and copper with flux coated ZnAl alloy

Product Code rods coil/spool rings powder/paste flux cored flux coated flux+fiiler metal composite
1001 Free-flowing, most fluid of aluminium filler metals. General purpose filler metal, can be used with brazeable aluminiums in all types of brazing. For joining aluminium and its alloys. Can be used for joining aluminium and titanium to dissimilar metals; the risk of galvanic corrosion then has to be considered. Excellent corrosion resistance when joining aluminium metals. Usable for both flame and furnace brazing. 10002, 10004 Zinc based general purpose filler metals for low temperature brazing/soldering of aluminium with a torch. ZnAl2 and ZnAl4 alloys. 10015, 10022 Higher corrosion resistance compared 10002 and 10004. ZnAl15 and ZnAl22 alloys.
]Brazed aluminium heat exchangers for automotive climate control and engine cooling systems, such as:
  • condensers
  • evaporators
  • radiators
  • oil coolers
  • charge air coolers
  • Finned-tube heat exchangers for home appliances and industrial applications.
  • Refrigeration equipmentsm.
    1001 COMP AlSi12 filler metal+flux composite brochurepdf  ForteBraze aluminium brazing materials brochure pdf Contact for individual product technical specification and MSDS.