Industries and Applications

Sentes-BIR is a provides of innovative solutions to different industries


Our unique ability to integrate manufacturing processes, combined with our advanced problem-solving skills, enables us to create total solutions ranging from customized alloys to full assembly of complete components and the design of application equipment. SentesBIR's quality assurance and production control programs meet the most demanding industry specifications. ForteCoat thermal spray powders are used on the parts where abrasion resistance is required Battery paste additive CureQuick helps to reduce total weight of automative providing performance increase of the lead-acid battery.


ForteBraze nickel-based brazing alloys offered for brazing of engine parts.


Thermal_spray_application_glassMoulds parts are subjected heat and abrasive nature molten glass. ForteCoat NiCrBSi thermal spray powders are developed for production, repair and maintenace of mould and machine parts.

HVAC and Refrigeration

ForteBraze offers complete range of brazing products for diverse HVAC and refrigeration applications, including cadmium-free silver brazing alloys, copper-phosphorus alloys, liquid flux and products for joining aluminium and copper..

Mining and Tools

Silver and copper based ForteBraze brazing alloys and pastes are used for for joining tungsten carbide tips and diamond segments. Copper, tin and bronze SentesBIR Metal Powders are used in sintering diamond segments of marble and stone cutting tools.


Innovative solution of ForteBraze for joinin aluminium to copper reduces material costs of transformer production.