FORTECOAT PTA Welding powders for automotive industry

Hot corrosion is a big problem of internal combustion engines. Additionally the exhaust valves must be resistance to wear at high teperatures of engine.

Sentes-BIR offers ForteCoat cobalt-based and cost effective iron-based thermal spray powders for PTA applications.

Cobalt Based PTA Welding Powders

Product Code
Alloy Composition
53-58 HRC
Co Cr30 C2.5 W12 Mo
40-44 HRC
Co Cr28.5 C1.1 W4.4 Mo
47-51 HRC
Co Cr28.5 C1.4 W8 Mo<1 Ni<2 Si Fe Mn
28-40 HRC
Co Cr27 C0.25 Mo5.5 Ni2.6 Si Fe Mn
42-46 HRC
Co Cr26 C1.75 W12 Mo<1 Ni22.5 Si Fe Mn
i Stellite 1
ii Stellite 6
iii Stellite 12
iiv Stellite 21
v Stellite F