PURESPHERE Powders for Additive Manufacturing

ForteCoat PTA Welding Powders

Additive manufacturing is the next step in fast developing world of technology.

Sentes-BIR offers PURESPHERE metal powders for all additive manufacturing applications:

  • LBM Laser Beam Melting
  • SLS Selective Laser Sintering
  • SLM Selective Laser Melting
  • DMLS Direct Metal Laser Sintering
  • EBM Electron Beam Melting
  • LMD Laser Metal Deposition
Alloy Groups
Copper Cu, CuSn, CuCrNiSi, other Copper alloys
Nickel Alloys Ni625
Cobat Alloys CoCr ASTM F75, Co1,Co6, Co21, Co12, CoCrW for Dental applications
Stainless Steels 304L, 316L, 410, 420
Available Particle Sizes
Particle Size
15-45 µm, 20-60 µm, <16 µm
45-106 µm
45-125 µm

* Other or customer specific particle sizes are available.