FORTECOAT Laser Cladding Powders

Laser Cladding is a method of depositing material by which a powdered material is melted and consolidated by use of a focused laser beam in order to coat part of a substrate.

Process Advantages

  • Powdered material can be placed precisely where desired.
  • Very good metallurgically bonded and fully dense coatings with little or no porosity.
  • Minimal heat affected zone and low dilution.
  • Excellent process stability and reproducibility because it is easy to automate and integrate into CNC production.
  • Limited distortion due to minimal heat input
Nickel Based Powders
Product Code Hardness Alloy Composition
9333 30-35 HRC Ni Cr5.6 B1.2 Si3.0 C0.25 Fe2.5 Al1.2
9325 20-25 HRC Ni Cr3.3 B1.1 Si3.1 C0.15 Fe2.2 Al0.3
9029 33-37 HRC Ni Cr5.7 B1.0 Si4.7 C0.32 Fe1.6
9062 57-62 HRC Ni Cr15.5 B2.9 Si4.3 C0.7 Fe4.2
9056 52-58 HRC Ni Cr13.5 B2.8 Si4 C0.55 Fe3.9
9053 47-53 HRC Ni Cr12.5 B2.3 Si3.3 C0.5 Fe3.9
9033 30-35 HRC Ni Cr8 B1.5 Si3.6 C0.32 Fe2.6
9045 36-40 HRC Ni Cr10.3 B2 Si3.2 C0.38 Fe2.4
9238 36-40 HRC Ni B2.1 Si3
9249 48-52 HRC Ni B3 Si3
9265 Ni Cr21.5 Fe0.35 Mo9 Nb3.5 Mn0.5 (Inconel 625)
Cobalt Based
Product Code Hardness Alloy Composition
42001 53-58 HRC Co Cr30 C2.5 W12 Mo<1 Ni<2 Si Fe Mn
42006 40-44 HRC Co Cr28.5 C1.1 W4.4 Mo<1 Ni<2 Si Fe Mn
42006H 40-46 HRC Co Cr29 C1.2 W5.2 Mo<1 Ni<2 Si Fe Mn
42012 47-51 HRC Co Cr28.5 C1.4 W8 Mo<1 Ni<2 Si Fe Mn
42021 28-40 HRC Co Cr27 C0.25 Mo5.5 Ni2.6 Si Fe Mn
42000F 42-46 HRC Co Cr26 C1.75 W12 Mo<1 Ni22.5 Si Fe Mn
Iron Based
Product Code Hardness Alloy Composition
304L <200 HV Fe Cr18 C<0.04 Si0.5 Ni11 Mn1.3
316L <200 HV Fe Cr17 C0.02 Si0.8 Ni13 Mn1.5 Mo2.2
410 * Fe Cr12.5 C0.12 Si0.3
420 * Fe Cr13 C0.2 Si0.5 Mn0.5

* Hardness values are according to heat treatment.
** Other alloy compositions are available.

WC-Ni Alloy Matrix Powder for PTA Welding
Product Code Nickel Matrix WC
15550 55 HRC powder 50% WC-Cast carbide 50%
15560 55 HRC powder 40% WC-Cast carbide 60%
15660 60 HRC powder 40% WC-Cast carbide 60%
15760 55 HRC powder 40% WC-spherical 60%

* Other or customer specific blends are available.