FORTECOAT PTA Welding Powders

ForteCoat PTA Welding PowdersThe PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc) process welds a metallic coating material in powder form to a substrate to produce a hard, wear-resistant coating that is metallurgically bonded to the substrate. The powder is injected into the stream of plasma gas, depositing it onto the workpiece. Wirh PTA process the dilution with the substrate can be controlled as low as 5%.

Nickel Based Powders
Product Code Hardness Alloy Composition
9333 30-35 HRC Ni Cr5.6 B1.2 Si3.0 C0.25 Fe2.5 Al1.2
9325 20-25 HRC Ni Cr3.3 B1.1 Si3.1 C0.15 Fe2.2 Al0.3
9029 33-37 HRC Ni Cr5.7 B1.0 Si4.7 C0.32 Fe1.6
9062 57-62 HRC Ni Cr15.5 B2.9 Si4.3 C0.7 Fe4.2
9056 52-58 HRC Ni Cr13.5 B2.8 Si4 C0.55 Fe3.9
9053 47-53 HRC Ni Cr12.5 B2.3 Si3.3 C0.5 Fe3.9
9033 30-35 HRC Ni Cr8 B1.5 Si3.6 C0.32 Fe2.6
9045 36-40 HRC Ni Cr10.3 B2 Si3.2 C0.38 Fe2.4
9238 36-40 HRC Ni B2.1 Si3
9249 48-52 HRC Ni B3 Si3
9265 Ni Cr21.5 Fe0.35 Mo9 Nb3.5 Mn0.5 (Inconel 625)
Cobalt Based
Product Code Hardness Alloy Composition
42001 53-58 HRC Co Cr30 C2.5 W12 Mo<1 Ni<2 Si Fe Mn
42006 40-44 HRC Co Cr28.5 C1.1 W4.4 Mo<1 Ni<2 Si Fe Mn
42006H 40-46 HRC Co Cr29 C1.2 W5.2 Mo<1 Ni<2 Si Fe Mn
42012 47-51 HRC Co Cr28.5 C1.4 W8 Mo<1 Ni<2 Si Fe Mn
42021 28-40 HRC Co Cr27 C0.25 Mo5.5 Ni2.6 Si Fe Mn
42000F 42-46 HRC Co Cr26 C1.75 W12 Mo<1 Ni22.5 Si Fe Mn
Iron Based
Product Code Hardness Alloy Composition
304L <200 HV Fe Cr18 C<0.04 Si0.5 Ni11 Mn1.3
316L <200 HV Fe Cr17 C0.02 Si0.8 Ni13 Mn1.5 Mo2.2
410 * Fe Cr12.5 C0.12 Si0.3
420 * Fe Cr13 C0.2 Si0.5 Mn0.5

* Hardness values are according to heat treatment.
** Other alloy compositions are available.

WC-Ni Alloy Matrix Powder for PTA Welding
Product Code Nickel Matrix WC
15550 55 HRC powder 50% WC-Cast carbide 50%
15560 55 HRC powder 40% WC-Cast carbide 60%
15660 60 HRC powder 40% WC-Cast carbide 60%
15760 55 HRC powder 40% WC-spherical 60%

* Other or customer specific blends are available.