Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) coolers are used in diesel-engine applications help to reduce the formation of various nitrogen-oxides, such as N-O (nitrogen monoxide) or N2O (nitrogen dioxide), since such emissions are considered atmosphere pollutants. EGR coolers are specialized heat-exchanger assemblies that make extensive use of furnace-brazing to create strong, leak-tight brazements that are capable of handling the very high temperatures involved in engine operations. Sentes-BIR offers;

Engine valve seats experience a variety of wear modes such as erosion, adhesion, galling, corrosion and fatigue. Demands like fuel efficiency, power-to-volume rating increase, and fuel quality impose further strains on the valves. Cobalt-based alloys have proven to be effective under such circumstances and a host of cobalt based alloys are now used in the automotive industry for wear resistance. PTA Welding process offers the advantage of precise feed stock delivery, consistent hard face quality, and low rejection rates. In addition to cobalt-based alloys, several nickel-based alloys that depend on borides and carbides for hardness are also used for hardfacing engine valves.

High-pressure direct fuel systems

Torque converters

Air conditioning lines

Aluminium radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers