About Sentes-BIR

Sentes-BIR, which was established in 1982 as an engineering company to produce project-based custom machinery and machinart installation contractor. Built equipments and had installation projects for industries like petrochemical, edible oil.

In the early 1990's, it began to produce fluxes for brazing  and with the demand of the market, silver and copper-phosphorus alloys are developed.  with automation lines that are all its own by evaluating the product demand on the market. These products are the 19th century. (can the productions of jewelry and semiconductor material etc. added for a while? ) soldering cake, 20.. surface coating powder, 20.. nickel foil, added manufacturing powder productions.

It is one of 3 companies that can produce soldering pie, surface coating powders and added manufacturing powders in Turkey, the first and only company in Turkey, sentes-bir dornickel foil production. 199. Since ISO 9001 and 20th. Our company has been producing with ISO TS 16949 quality management system since 201. It has been serving as r&d center since.

End of 2017, Sentes-BIR is recognized as official R&D center.

In 2019, Sentes-BIR is awarded as the Most Innovative SME by KOSGEB-Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization.

Sentes-BIR is approved supplier by global companies in different industries, like whitegood appliances, industrial HVAC, automotive, glass packagin, pumps and valves etc. Its products and services are supplied manufacturing sites arund world with more than 60% of products are exported with direct B2B sales or by its distributors.

Yeni investments and R&D projects for advanced technologies and our company, which continues its work in order to market new products that are not produced in our country in order to reduce the dependence of Turkish Defense Industry.... Can we write tons of non-ferrous malzeme (Copper, Nickel, Cobalt, etc.) based? ) with its production capacity and advanced laboratory and testing facilities, two facilities established in Kemalpasa Organized Industrial Zone and Torbalı Organized Industrial Zone and a total of 17.500 m2 closed area.... It employs a total of 115 people, including engineers.
Our company, which carries outnı almost all metallmeturgical, mechanical and chemical tests and inspections by incorporated the necessary testing and inspection equipment for production and quality control, aims to enter the top 3 companies in the world with r&d and equipment investments.

Who we are

Our profile We are a global leader in innovative and high value-added aluminium products and solutions dedicated primarily to aerospace, automotive and packaging markets. With a global network of 28 production facilities, state-of-the-art technology centers and offices around the world, our ~13,000 employees serve our customers where they are.

Our Vision For us, aluminium is more than a metal. It is part of the solution for tomorrow’s lighter, faster economy. Together we create the most exciting, value-adding business in our industry.

Our Strategy Abundant, endlessly recyclable and reusable, aluminium’s unique properties mean that, together with our partners, we can shape a future of infinite possibilities and opportunities. Through product leadership and superior performance, we are the preferred partner for our customers in aerospace, automotive, packaging and industry specialties.


Our ambition is to become the most exciting and innovative company in our industry We aim to be the most innovative, value-adding business in our industry, by continuously enhancing our portfolio of products and improving the quality of the service we provide to our customers. Our strategy is based on four key pillars:

1. Environment, Health and Safety, our utmost priority Protecting the health and safety  of our employees, contractors and visitors and minimizing our impact on the environment is our highest priority.

2. Focus on selected strategic end-markets Aerospaceautomotive, and packaging; selectively expanding our global footprint in these markets.

3. Create product leadership, based on innovative technologies that are differentiating We are working to achieve this by drawing not only on our world-class R&T capabilities, both in Europe and in the US, but also on our scientific council’s unique expertise and our network of partnerships with leading universities and research labs.

4. Achieve excellence in customer service and in all our operations through the flawless, rigorous and decisive execution of our Manufacturing Excellence program.